Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Dragon's Lion Up for Pre-Order at eXtasy Books!

I am excited to announce that The Dragon's Lion, Book 2 in The Crimson Realm Chronicles is up for Pre-Order at eXtasy Books.

The Dragon's Lion
The Dragon's Lion 
Crimson Realm Chronicles - Book 2
Coming November 4th

Danger, lies, and betrayal forge the path to unlocking the secrets Brenn seeks.

The rescue of Brenn’s pride sets off an angry tirade from Cewrick that results in curses that almost cripple the Crimson Realm and all of Ierilia.

With the help of Ciara, Brenn leads his crew through the bowels of the planet and the forbidden forest to unlock the secret of defeating Cewrick. But will his defeat end the reign of terror on their world?

Sword Of Betrayal
Crimson Realm Chronicles - Book 3

Coming Soon

The blade of betrayal cuts deep.

When Erica is granted a commission in the king’s army and a magical sword for her bravery, she begins to look forward to a future for both herself and her crew. But not everyone is happy with their circumstances.

Erica joins Brenn’s team in the fight to save his planet from the angry god, Zolmes and she finds herself charmed by more than just the planet. The sexy lion shifter, Laro, claims she is his lifemate, setting her passions ablaze. Stung by the sharp tongues and dissension of some of her crew, Erica pushes him away to focus on the lives of her crewmembers.

Can Erica accept a future with Laro or will she let hate and betrayal decide her fate?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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