Monday, February 12, 2018

Guest Author - Jo Tannah - Tell Him - Free Read for Valentine's

 Tell Him

 Available Feb. 16th

Blind faith will lead love where it has to go.

The purest form of freedom in the world is found when lovers can tell each other they are meant to be together.

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Heart Held Hostage 

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Wars change, warriors don’t…or so they say.

The Serai have won the galactic war. Tasked to take charge of the human assimilation into their herd, Prince Jytrerd never thought to find a mate among the human slaves. He learns that the human Captain Ian McCaskey is his potential breeder and saves his life. Because they are sterile, the Serai need the genetic materials their captives give to father their younglings. But Ian resists, and it doesn’t take long for Jytrerd to realize that for their relationship to flourish, the two of them must connect on a deeper level. It is now up to Jytrerd to make Ian understand that he is valued above all others.

Warning: this book contains m-preg.

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