Sunday, March 25, 2018

NEW - Sneak Peek Excerpt - In Search Of Pride

In Search Of Pride - Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 1  

The gods smile upon a weary warrior...

Brenn, a warrior returning home from battle, rests by a tempting magical pool and meets a siren who changes his life forever.

Bound by a curse, he must find a way to save his pride.

He returns from a war far from his home to find that his village is destroyed and his pride missing. With the help of his guardian dragon, Ciara, he sets out to find his missing family and pride.

After Ciara saves Brenn’s life twice, he begins to realize that he is not as invincible as he once thought. He must accept his limitations and the help of his lifemate to keep him safe.

What Reviewers are saying...

"...My Imagination thanks you." 4.5 Stars -  Lynn Reynolds Reviews

"A unique, creative, imaginative, innovative fantasy world laced with adventure, science fiction, romance, memorable characters"  5 Stars -  Amazon Reviewer

"I love this series, and I can't wait for the next installments. I need and crave the fulfillment of a love story set in a fantastical planet where magic and science work hand in hand." 5 Stars - Multitaskingmomma


Brenn’s lifeblood was draining from his body. The monster’s talons were as long and sharp as his sword, and they had ripped his chest open. He had not been able to inflict any damage to the creature. As rumored, the monster’s skin was tougher than the side of a cliff. It was a miracle that his blade had not broken. But it was a sword passed down to him from his grandfather, the blade infused with magick. It was also fashioned from a unique and precious metal, an ore that only his pride mined. The sorcerer wanted those mines, the metal ore and the crystals they mined. What Cewrick did not know was that it was not only the metal that made their swords special, but the magick attached to them.

He lunged at the creature again and slashed at its legs, but the sword merely bounced off the hard skin. His sword would not break, Brenn knew. But even the magick of the sword could not defeat these monsters. The beast reached down to him, its claw open to capture him, but Brenn jumped to the side. Instead, the claw sent him flying, slamming him hard against the trunk of a tree. Stunned, he lay there, the world spinning around him. He knew these were his last moments. He could feel the life leaving his body with every labored breath he took. Oh, gods, my family. Ivran could not save their pride on his own and did not have the connections to the king to enlist his help.

As his lifeblood drained from his body, his fogged mind drifted to his temptress from that one enchanted night. His heart ached at the thought of never encountering her again, even if she had just been a feverish hallucination. At least he would die with the beautiful vision of her on his mind. “Ciara,” he whispered again as his hand clutched the pouch. The tingling ran through his fingers, up his arm, fierce now, as if lightning entered his body. It did not stop at his chest, like before. He felt it throughout every fiber of his being.

His eyes glazed, the world around him becoming a blur. A flash of violet above made him blink fiercely to clear the fog. Was that a dragon he saw up high? The monster stood close to him now, its claws ready to snatch him up, its jaw prepared to devour him, its drool almost dripping onto his chest.

A blast of hot air surrounded his body. Such intense heat. Where did that come from? Through the haze, he saw a stream of fire set the monster ablaze before it could grab him. Its bellow of pain almost deafened him as it retreated into the woods, its thick hide blazing and a dragon hovering above it.

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